Early voting begins April 19,2018. Contact the Board of Election 741 Kenilworth Suite 202, Charlotte, NC 28204. 704 336 2133

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Early voting

I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge:
please hold me accountable.

If you believe the Democrat party stands for equality and freedom or that the parties on some mystical unknown date switched positions and platforms, you could NOT be more wrong. Since the Republican party's inception and its first President Abraham Lincoln, the Republican/GOP has consistently been the only party that has stood for equality and freedom for all people, genders, and races. Please Google the Republican Freedom Calendar to see 365 reasons for the unequivocal veracity of that statement. It was Democrats who supported the KKK, Democrats who opposed women's rights to vote, Democrats who supported lynching at their 1924 convention called the Klan Bake. Democrats opposed the civil rights legislation of the 1860’s and 1960’s. Most people never learn these facts in public school. Hence, I favor private school vouchers so parents can send their children to private and Christian Schools where their children will learn real history. Google Democrat Party history of racism to see the racist atrocities that the Democrat Party perpetrated since the 1850's. And as for the common myth that Democrats care more about the little guy, consider: compassion is not how much welfare and other people's tax dollars you can give away; compassion is what gets people OFF welfare and prevents people from turning the safety net into a hammock.


My name is Paul Bonham, and I am a Constitutional Conservative running in the Republican primary Tuesday May 8th 2018. I am a Christian father, former math, science, history, economics, critical thinking, writing/research, and English teacher, and adjunct professor, small business entrepreneur, multiple property owner, and children’s author.

I believe in:
Low Taxes • Flat Tax • Less Government • Strong Military • Honor for Police and Veterans • Solar Energy • Border Wall • No illegal Immigration • Repeal of Obama Care  Privatized Social Security • Drilling and Pipelines • Support for Israel • Destruction of Isis/terrorists • Voter ID


Why I am Running

We know the establishment often excludes outsiders, and many of us have a checkered past of failures and successes, both virtues and sins.
I am not running because I am cleaner, purer, or better than others. But I recognize a messy victory is preferable to a neat defeat. I am committed to making the kind of tough decisions that an entrenched Washington Establishment avoids or refuses to recognize. We need a relentless pit bull to confront the slick pit vipers in Washington. I am running because I believe we need strong, "Let's Get It Done" leadership to aggressively confront the ineffective excuses and waste so prevalent in our government. I got it done in my own life, and
NO ONE OWNS ME. I believe in the sacredness of all life, traditional family values, resource stewardship, and a focused vision beyond the next re-election campaign. "Enough is enough" to wasteful, ineffective government. Government does not produce, it only takes, and it should have to live on a budget just as all of us do. One of my first proposals will be that Washington politicians live under the same laws and health care they pass.

I am running for Congress to serve my community and defend our traditional, common sense, conservative values.


America is the “shining city on a hill," the place millions yearn to escape to, not from. Yet today the liberal left wants to increase government and reduce liberty. Ask yourself, "What doesn't the government have a hand in today?" Virtually everything from the car you drive to the toilet you flush, to the pond in your back yard, is regulated, controlled, or enmeshed with bureaucracy. Ronald Reagan said it well: "The ten most dangerous words in the world are, 'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you.'" I will protect our Constitutional freedoms and reduce government. Relentlessly.


Americans should be free from oppression, both foreign and domestic. As the brilliant Congressman Ted Budd says, "Unlike President Obama, I am willing to call Islamic terrorism our enemy and I will fight it from getting a foothold around the world. When America is strong, the world is safer." I could not agree more. Terrorists and Communists who pledge to kill Americans and destroy Israel must themselves be destroyed. There is no place more safe for women, children, and free speech than America. And no place in the Middle East that ensures these freedoms more than our friend Israel. We cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. The world needs a strong America.

Fiscal Responsibility:

We are spending the future of our children and grandchildren, mortgaging them with TRILLIONS of dollars of debt and unfunded liabilities. Excessive debt, regulations, and taxes kill jobs and send companies over seas. Obamacare is the DMV of government programs: slow, inefficient, and customer dis-oriented. I will do everything I can to repeal Obamacare and privatize both health care and social security. Privately invested accounts will return many fold what the bankrupt social security system has promised but failed to deliver. Americans deserve the right to invest their own money where THEY CHOOSE, not be forced to pay into a bankrupt entitlement program that delivers virtually nothing. Investing even a few thousand dollars in a private account over a 50 year period delivers over 10 times what social security delivers. Americans deserve the right to choose their retirement and their health care. Veterans should have a simple Gold "Everywhere" card, enabling them to get healthcare anywhere, hassle free.

We need a flat or fair tax. Please watch: "Freedom from the IRS-Fair Tax Explained in Detail" on youtube.This plan abolishes the IRS, removes ALL taxes and replaces them with a simple Federal Sales Tax.  I propose that be 10%, and states can collect their sales tax with the federal tax.  This plan puts you in control of the tax you pay as you pay NO income tax, only sales tax on NEW purchases.  Result: we save billions in compliance costs, no more payroll tax, lower product prices, lower interest rates, billions of overseas dollars repatriated back home, puts more money in your pocket because you only pay tax when you buy a new item.  No tax on used purchases because that item has already been taxed.  Please see the funny and informative video.  Rather than the prebate/rebate proposed which would involve millions in postage and monitoring, I propose no tax on food and medicine as long as you show a legal ID.

Will you stand with me?