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Constitutional Conservative:

The Constitution is not a living, breathing document anymore than your mortgage or car loan is. Each of these is a contract, written, with specific meaning. The Constitution is an agreement between the government and the governed, and none of these contracts may be changed without the consent of the contract makers. Our founders would never have agreed to sign a document that could be reinterpreted to mean whatever anyone wishes any more than you would sign a mortgage that the bank could arbitrarily "reinterpret" and double. The founders set high standards for changes/amendments. The words mean what they meant at the time they were written, just as your mortgage that says you will pay $900 dollars per month by the 15th, for 360 payments to own your home means exactly that. Neither you nor your bank can arbitrarily make the amount 500 nor 1500 without the formal consent of both parties. I believe government is limited to what the Constitution directs, and each branch is limited by separation of powers and kept in check by the other two. The 10th Amendment clearly states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."  In other words, the Federal Government is to be limited essentially to providing military, currency, ambassadors, and federal courts.  Not education, not food stamps, government cheese, and Obama phones, not student loans nor controlling the pond in your back yard.  Not forcing you and your employer to each "contribute" 7.65% of your paycheck to a bankrupt Social "Security" system and 2% to a bankrupt Medicare system many of us will not live long enough to use, even if is still solvent in 15 years as it is predicted not to be.  When  the Federal government gets involved in what it shouldn't do, it does not do what it should and must do.  States and localities and individuals can provide all of the aforementioned services IF THEY CHOOSE.  But none of us can provide an Airforce, none of us can provide centralized ambassadors nor legitimate coins and currency. 

Hence with a Flat 10% Federal Sales tax, the Federal Government will have to do what it is charged to do, and eliminate what State sales taxes, and counties, and individuals can and should do for themselves. I strongly support an Article 5 Convention of States to rein in our out-of-control Federal Government as brilliantly discussed in Mark Levin's books, including "The Liberty Amendments," "Plunder and Deceit," and "Rediscovering Americanism." And the poignant, touching "Rescuing Sprite," because what good Constitutional Conservative wouldn't advocate for more local and private money to be available for no kill rescue pet shelters.  Proceeds from both "Rescuing Sprite" by Mark Levin and my book D.A.D. Stands for More than Dead Animal Disposer go toward no kill rescue pet shelters (as well in the case of my book toward the Marine Law Enforcement Foundation for the families of fallen heroes and unwed mother/crisis pregnancy shelters to help mothers and their babies, both unborn and born.