Foreign Affairs

In priority by mike bragg

Support Israel:

Israel stands as a lone and loyal friend to the United States, and a beacon of democracy, rights of women, and freedom of religion. Israel's highest governing body, the Knesset has over 28 women (almost 25% of the body) and 17 Arabs. No where in the Middle East are women's rights to vote, drive, dress, worship, and speak more protected and free than in Israel.

Destroy ISIS:

There is no compromise possible with regimes and terrorist groups who swear "Death to America, the big Satan" and "Death to Israel, the Little Satan." Islamic terrorists kill more Muslims than all the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, and Christian groups combined. Wiping these cockroaches off the face of the earth is THE ONLY way to ensure our safe existence. Liberals who are for gay rights remain silent as these groups throw homosexuals to their deaths from atop buildings. Leftists who crow about women's rights remain mute as women in these oppressed countries are executed, buried up to their necks and stoned, for being the VICTIM of rape.

The FISA Court and The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978

Substantial evidence exists that Hillary Clinton and the FBI colluded with the Russians and foreign agents to concoct a fictitious, false report, The Trump Dossier.  No evidence has been provided that Trump had any illegal dealings or collusion with the Russians and no one has been able to offer any plausible reason why Russia would prefer to have Trump elected rather than Hillary Clinton, who, like Obama, was conceding to virtually Russian demands, not protecting the Ukraine, nor Crimea, nor Georgia from Russian aggression. Moreover Clinton facilitated the delivery of 20% of our Uranium to Russian control.  What is clear is that the FBI and Clinton and Obama were involved with spying on Trump associates, unmasking American citizens like Lt. General Michael Flynn, sending non work related anti-Trump texts by the tens of thousands, and sending classified government documents in violation of the Federal Espionage Act.  Using the enforcement arms of government to spy on American citizens and violate laws directing the secure handling of classified information is criminal. LOCK HER UP.  And her cohorts.