Health Care

In priority by mike bragg

Health Care Choice:

It is also ironic how the same liberals who mandated Obama health care with its dysfunctional website, sky high premiums and egregious deductibles EXEMPTED themselves and special select friends from ObamaCare. (Whatever happened to keeping your doctor, keeping your plan and saving $2000 a year?). ObamaCare is the DMV of health care: long lines, poor customer service, high fees, truly customer DIS-oriented. People should be free to choose among private plans which compete for their business across state lines. Competition creates choices and customer service when we buy a car, shop for phone plan, or buy a home. Health care is no different. The abysmal treatment of our veterans in the Government VA system is a vivid picture of what government healthcare "provides". Veterans should have a simple Gold "Everywhere" card that allows them to access health care wherever, anywhere they wish.