In priority by mike bragg

Stop Illegal Immigration:

These short videos are vital: The 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act, passed by both parties, with even the most liberal Democrats  signing on and warning about the dangers of illegal immigration, and signed into law by Ronald Reagan, requires a border fence. The choice is clear, we either obey the laws we pass, or we descend into anarchy with each person deciding what laws they will and won't obey. For over 32 years the border has remained open, the wall unfunded. Ironic that most of the liberals who now contradict themselves and disavow their previous positions and oppose the wall, themselves live and work behind secure walls and armed guards. While they object to providing the same protection to our school children. The entire Old Testament book of Nehemiah is about the need for Jerusalem to build and maintain a wall. And now that Israel has a border fence, terrorism has dropped by over 90%. The left never finds a program it cannot fund (free phones, free welfare, more government programs) except if it is the border fence. Estimates for our Border fence are usually around 10 to 20 billion. But let's double that to 40 billion. At 40 billion dollars and an annual budget of over $4 Trillion dollars, that means the wall would cost  [40,000,000,000 ÷ 4,000,000,000,000] which simplifies to 40/4000 or 1/1000 of our Federal budget.

Not 1% of our budget, but 1/10 of 1%. One percent is a mere rounding error in our bloated budget, less than the price of the staples and paper clips the government uses. And for that we obey Federal law, secure or border, and apply common sense.

Ronald Reagan often said, "There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers."  The solution here is hard, but as the short videos at the top of this section illustrate, it is vital.  America will cease to exist as we know her if we don't preserve our heritage, values, and borders. It is not possible to vet the thousands who are trying to enter.  Many come from areas that have no paperwork, no societal structure.  They are fleeing destroyed towns: There is no paperwork. Many of these people are Terrorists, or their children become Terrorists; they are a Trojan Horse within our midst. 

Solutions:  National E-Verify for all employers and strict penalties for hiring illegal aliens.

NO WELFARE, no benefits, no Social Security, NOTHING for illegal aliens.

Visa Tracking: 40% of illegal immigrants have over-stayed their VISAs.  Stiff penalties for over staying the VISA.

No more "Catch and Release."  Immediate Deportation.  2nd time caught, 10 years hard labor. 3rd time caught, Life hard labor. 

No citizenship for babies born here by non-citizens.  Our law does not entitle citizenship for babies born by illegal aliens who stepped over the border.  That anchor-baby concept is one of the most misunderstood ideas:  Babies born of American Citizens are citizens of America even if born on vacation overseas BECAUSE the parent is an American Citizen.  Babies born of non-citizens are not American citizens no matter where they are born. THAT IS THE LAW.

We MUST HAVE A WALL.   And with the aforementioned structures, most illegals will, as they did under President Eisenhower, SELF DEPORT. 

And the savings in crimes perpetrated by some of the bad people illegally crossing, and the human suffering they cause, are incalculable. The Great Wall of China is over 5500 miles long and was built in about 20 years. The total wall is over 13,170 miles. Our border with Mexico is a mere 1933 miles long. And we have machines and equipment. Ask yourself, do those who live and work behind walls have the right to disobey Federal Law and prevent the building of a secure border as Simpson-Mazzoli mandates? More to the point, do ANY of them live or work within a hundred, or even thousand miles of our open border? I support building a GREAT, TALL WALL, and even greater gates, that welcome in LEGAL Immigrants, skilled and motivated to be assets to America. No one has the right to become an American citizen. America has the duty to vet applicants and deny those who cannot be vetted,  and ensure that every legal entrant into our beloved country is going to contribute to an even greater America.

Destroy ISIS:  While we search Swedish grandmothers for water bottles at the airport, ISIS walks over our open border.  If even 1% of the millions who illegally cross are terrorists, then we are allowing 10,000 terrorists PER MILLION illegal intruders.  There is no compromise possible with regimes and terrorist groups who swear "Death to America, the big Satan" and "Death to Israel, the Little Satan." Islamic terrorists kill more Muslims than all the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, and Christian groups combined. Wiping these cockroaches off the face of the earth is THE ONLY way to ensure our safe existence. Liberals who are for gay rights remain silent as these groups throw homosexuals to their deaths from atop buildings. Leftists who crow about women's rights remain mute as women in these oppressed countries are executed, buried up to their necks and stoned, for being the VICTIM of rape.  We must secure our border from those who intend America ill.