Less Government

In priority by mike bragg

Less Government:

That government truly is best which governs least. While the liberal left thrives on more government, each of us instinctively knows that President Ronald Reagan (Ronaldus Magnus) spoke truth: "The ten most dangerous words in the world are, I am from the government and here to help you." Who doesn't feel sick or cringe upon receiving a letter from their county zoning office or the IRS? People and our economy thrive when government gets out of the way and the creativity and energy of our people is unleashed.

The tax cuts and reduced government regulations of 2017-2018 have resulted in record low unemployment for all sectors of our society, record bonuses paid by over 200 companies, the repatriating of billions of overseas dollars back to the US.  For the eight years of Obama, our economy staggered.  Jobs moved over seas. Food stamp recipients doubled from 24 million to over 48 million.  And Obama seemed oblivious to how higher taxes, more regulations, and lack of inspiring leadership drove the economy down. Obama is the only President in history who did not deliver a single year of 3.0% economic growth (realclearmarkets.com) [Barack Obama's Sad Record on Economic Growth]Obama even said, "some of those jobs of the past are just not gonna come back...when somebody [Trump] says...that he's gonna bring all these jobs, back, well how exactly are you gonna do that? What are you gonna do? Uh, er, er there's no answer to it. He just says uh,er , stutter, 'Well I'm going to negotiate a better deal.' Well how, how exactly are you gonna negotiate that?  What magic wand do you have...?" There is no magic wand, Mr. Former President.  The answer is not magic; it is the same answer that  Pres. Kennedy used in the early 1960's, Pres. Reagan used in the 1980's, and Pres. Bush used in early 2000's to achieve record stock market and economic growth (and by the way, record government revenue intake): TAX CUTS.  Look at a picture of the 1980's stock market after Reagan lowered taxes from 78% under Carter (remember gas shortages and 17% interest in the Carter late 1970's?).  Then look at the stock market record-setting increases beginning in 1981, with the Reagan 8 year boom.  It's not magic, Mr. Obama, it's common sense.  And Mr. Trump's booming economy shows it.  When people pay less in taxes, people spend more money, and invest more money, creating jobs and a booming economy.  Money is either spent or put in the bank or investments, making more money available, at lower interest rates, to buy cars, buy and build homes, and start businesses.  And as more people are hired, more people pay taxes.  We all pay less, but there are more of us paying. More people pulling the cart, less people riding.  More people working, less people turning the government safety net into a hammock (The Way Things Ought to Be).  More people investing and owning as the Book Rich Dad, Poor Dad explains. And the jobs, Mr. Obama, are coming back.