In priority by mike bragg

School Choice/Vouchers:

Why is it the liberal left, the National Education Association (NEA) and the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) oppose school competition, vouchers, home schools, and any effort to give parents and students choices in their schooling? These are the same liberals who say a 15 year old is capable of making a  life endanger medical decision without parental consent to abort their grandchild, her unborn child, and presume upon their health insurance without their consent, endangering her health (a minor child who cannot take medicine at school without parental consent can have major surgery without them even knowing). Why should tax payers pay for public school they don't use, and then have to pay for private school/home school/religious school? Let students and parents attend the school of their choice (liberals are all about choice, right?). And those attending non public schools receive a voucher for their education tax dollars to do so. Most parents, given $3000 to either pay for private school or public school will choose private school for their children. President Obama certainly did. Sidwell Friends private school tuition is $40840 a year. Funny how the same liberals who deny you the right to use YOUR tax dollars to educate YOUR children at the school of YOUR choice virtually all educate their children at private schools.