Solar Energy

In priority by mike bragg

Solar Energy:

There is virtually no competition in the electricity/utility sector. Power providers have essentially a monopoly on customers' utility dollars. I propose extending and expanding the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit permanently to 70% so families may choose how they receive their power, and so that abundant power is sent back to the grid, hence reducing the costs of customers who choose to remain on grid power. Solar power is free and environmentally friendly. Such a credit (not based on income or assets) helps all customers in advance to invest the same dollars they would pay in electricity to install their own power plant on their property (a $250 dollar monthly bill results in $30,000 in costs over 10 years, assuming prices never go up--and when has that EVER been true?). The grid is overloaded, brownouts happen. Solar energy, hot water systems and batteries such as those installed by Energy Conservation Solutions in Mooresville are a long term asset for homeowners, businesses, and government buildings. And who among us wouldn't like to see a lower electric bill? I also favor restoring the 35% North Carolina state tax credit which was taken from us in 2015, but South Carolina still retains.