In priority by mike bragg

Low taxes/flat tax:

Google stock market 1920 to present and hit images. Why does the market spike in such an unprecedented manner in the 1980's? You will see similar increases in the early 1960's and 2000's. The Reagan, Kennedy, and Bush tax cuts all resulted in more money in people's pockets, resulting in more economic activity, more jobs, more people paying taxes, and both more prosperity for all AND more government revenue. Taxes take, and the more one makes, the more the government takes. What we tax, we get less of...less hard work, less investment, less economic growth. What we tax less, we get more of, more hard work, more investment, more buying, selling, building, hiring. To tax is to enslave: requiring people to pay a 34%, or 39% federal income tax, on top of state taxes, sales taxes and property taxes is a form of enslavement. One may have to work from January to July 3rd for the government, before one begins to work on Independence day for oneself.

Follow the money: Company ABC pays you $100. Keep in mind before they issue you this check, they have already had to pay property tax on the building in which you work, payroll taxes, sales taxes on every piece of equipment you used to earn money for them to pay you. And the property tax is every year. But okay, you earned $100. But you notice your net pay is a bit lower than $100. At the lowest Federal rate, $12 is already taken out. Then take out about $6 for state taxes. Then deduct $7.65 to pay for a bankrupt social security system (your employer also had to match that $7.65- and pay the government on your behalf with money he/she could have paid to you. Then deduct $2 for Medicare (medical insurance for when you are retired which is also bankrupt). So all total you paid over $27.50 in the best case scenario, assuming you are in the lowest tax bracket--if your Federal rate is 39% then an additional $27 dollars was taken and your net pay is $45.50. But assuming you are in the lowest rate, your check is under $72.50. But wait, you want to spend that full remaining about $72.50--can you? No, you must account for approximately a 7% sales tax (in some states 10%). So you can actually only buy something for $67.00. Now if you bought some clothes, you are done paying taxes, sort of. But if you bought gas and a new car, or boat or other property, don't forget to pay the 50 cent a gallon tax and your annual property tax. Every year. And upon death, your inheritors will pay a death tax on whatever you leave them. Google "List of 100 taxes and fees you pay to the government" to see the extent your time and money are enslaved to government. If God can be satisfied with a tithe, 10%, then so can government. I propose a flat 10% Federal sales tax, collected by each state along with its sales tax (45 of our 50 states have this state sales tax already in place).  Retailers keep .25% and the state keeps .25% for their service and the remaining 9.5% is sent on to the Federal Government. ALL ALL ALL other taxes are eliminated. We pay taxes only when we buy a new good or service.  The IRS is abolished.  April 15 becomes just another beautiful Spring day.